Dr. Jennifer Hillier ND (Inactive) has retired!

Thanks so much for visiting. As of March 2020 I have decided to close Spring Chicken Family Health. I am so grateful for the years of loyalty and healing we shared at the farm, I will miss the quiet peace of sharing a cup of tea and supporting you on your journeys.

Moving forward I've partnered with my husband, John Gaida, in creating a platform and program to help people buy into the housing market through co-ownership. I get to facilitate the relationships that make housing dreams a reality, build sustainable community and create security for families who may have thought that dream was out of reach...imagine how that will impact health for generations!

I'm also partnering with several community organizations to create a social enterprise which helps people with barriers to employment receive on the job training and support to gain permanent employment in the trades. 

There is just so much out there to do, what a wonderful time to be up for the challenge! 


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