Eat Your Yard (or at least name it!)

Your Outdoor space is medicine

Now living on a farm you would expect food to be growing outside, and it is, but we didn't start here...we started in a little middle-unit townhouse in Rockwood with enough lawn space to grow about 6 blades of grass and assorted other green things, planned and un. Over the years of living in condos and city apartments, I've grown to crave being around green things and had the opportunity to learn their names and uses, and it has opened my eyes! From dandelions to burdock, clover to goldenrod, so many common weeds have phenomenal strength to heal and rejuvenate us. For the lazy, this gives you a free pass to nurture whatever grows in your space in the name of self-improvement, for the curious this gives you a playground of wonder. 

One of my favourite herbal teachers was an incredible naturopath, herbalist, veterinarian and professor, Dr. Anthony Godfrey. Dr. Godfrey taught me the most lasting lesson in herbs: the earth will provide what we need in a given year. If you watch the same patch of land year after year, you will see the same kinds of plants in different quantities, and this can predict the ailments that may plague us over the fall and winter. At first I thought this was fanciful thinking, how could the plants know? But we're all connected, whether we acknowledge it or not. Watch your yard, or roadside for clues. Do you see lots of mullein or coltsfoot? Great for bad coughs. Joe Pye Weed or Elderberry? A bad flu year. If you're curious, this Saturday, July 16 we will be doing a herb walk and wild edibles workshop at Spring Chicken where we can show you what this stuff looks like and how to read it. And even better, how to eat it! If you're too busy, just find a quiet moment and google one of the mentioned herbs and keep an eye out for it, you may just learn some of the secrets nature holds!

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